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Life in quite difficult now for many of our young friends in Kenya. The President has not kept his promise to help them with jobs, so they are struggling to pay for their rent, food, and school fees for their children.

The government also hasnít paid the hospitals what it owes them for patients who have the National Health Insurance, so the hospitals canít pay their staff.


We are self-supported missioners Ė and we thank the families who have rented our Roton Point unit and our home. They have made it possible for us to spend our 18th summer living with local people in Kenya.

We visited students in schools in five different regions, and we are spending some time with young people that we, and many of our friends and family members, have helped to go to colleges and universities. Most of them have good jobs - and they are helping the next generation to improve their lives.

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Itís good to be back home. We thank our renters for taking good care of our home - and we thank God for the rain which has kept the grass green and the shrubs growing.

There are new photos again in Photo Gallery Ė they are of flowers in the Capetown Botanical Garden and trees in the Sydney Botanical Garden.

And AFLIK, American Friends of Learners in Kenya, is receiving donations now for Rossholme Education Centre in the Kiambiu slum in Nairobi.