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We arrived in Kenya on May 27 and will stay until August 17. We have already seen over 30 friends and acquaintances. Two of the young couples we always spend some time with when we are here moved to new homes – one after a mud flood and one from the bottom of a quarry. And a young Masai friend has moved her sewing business from a sidewalk to small narrow space, which is really an alleyway with doors at each end that can be locked.

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We are self-supported missioners. We’ve rented our home and our Roton Point unit, and this is the 16th summer that we are living with local people in Kenya. Last year we kept in touch with our friends here by text and email.

We are visiting students in schools in four different regions. We are also spending time with some young people that we, and many of our friends and family members, have helped to go to colleges and universities. Quite a few of them now have good jobs - and they are helping others to improve their lives.


We’ve heard from friends that summertime activities are going on almost like they were before Covid. People are on the beaches and the tennis courts.

And the All Media Juried Show at Rowayton Arts Center is on ‘til June 20th. Marilyn has notecards and unframed photos are available for purchase there,