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The 2023 school year started on January 23rd – and 40 new students joined Rossholme Education Centre in Kiambiu slum in Nairobi, Kenya. They, and the returning 365 students, are getting porridge for breakfast, and rice with beans or ugali with kale for lunch every day. Please pray for all 405 students to be well - and to do well - during this first term.


We are self-supported missioners. We have rented our Roton Point unit and our home as well. This will be the 18th summer that we will live with local people in Kenya.

We will visit students in schools in five different regions, and we will spend some time with young people that we, and many of our friends and family members, have helped to go to colleges and universities. Most of them have jobs - and they are helping the next generation to improve their lives.

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Marilyn’s Photo Show – “Amazing Places in Israel, Jordan, Kenya and Rowayton” – is at Brendan's 101. The 26 photos in the exhibit will be there ’til March 15th. All of these photos are for sale, as well as note cards. Please see Photo Gallery    - and let Marilyn know which ones you’d like .